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Get to know ALDUB in 5 minutes - (09/25/2015)

On this eve of National Pabebe Wave Day, I went back to the most memorable KalyeSerye episodes. I really think this was ALDUB/KalyeSerye’s defining moment: When Maine Mendoza as Yaya DUB (short for Divina Ursula Bukbokova Smash or DUBSmash where she first gained online popularity and discovered by Eat Bulaga) — decided to approach the camera (which an ordinary noob would never have the guts to do) and did an improv “Twerk it like Miley” showdown with her real-life crush Alden Richards. At that moment, she unknowingly redefined local tv entertainment.

Of course she got a lot of help from the pabebe wave exchanges (which Maine also “invented” just an episode earlier), the first flying kiss, and their undeniable splitscreen chemistry. Plus, there were the hilarious adlibs of the entire EB Dabarkads who mercilessly heaped half-meant barbs on Maine. But notice, she was with 7 other artistas here, mosyly seasoned comedians, and all males (though the incredible Wally Bayola was in drag), and yet she held her own. She was the anchor of this episode and she nailed (and enjoyed) every minute it, based on the number of chuckles from master henyo himself Joey De Leon, the infectious giggles of Allan K., and the boisterous laughs of Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros. In one sequence, I even thought she schooled them all on Improv. It was here that I became a fan, obviously.

This was THE game changer for Philippine entertainment, I tell you.

If you have not seen a single episode and you’re one of those “pa-intelektwal” outrightly dismissing AlDub as shallow just because it has gotten so huge you concluded it must be dumb and stupid, please come down from your high horses and give this 5 minute video a try, and leave a comment if it did(or not) give you context on why Aldub is taking this nation by storm and sweeping us off our feet… 5 minutes lang ang hinihingi ko but you are free to search the other episodes if you feel you need more evidence (or you’re simply on a laugh trip mode).

Just to be clear, to me ALDUB may just be a TV network’s product. But it’s not Alden’s handsome looks or his dimples and flawless skin that swooned me or enamored me most to this crazy thing called “Pag-ibig sa Tamang Panahon”. In my opinion, it’s Maine  who’ve set all of these in motion, she was the proximate cause. Maine is really the one responsible for this insanity. And we infinitely love her for being who she is and how she has turned all our lives upside down. Wow, fantastic baby!

ALDUB Day 2 (17 July 2015)

China sticks it to PH in FIBA 2019 bid: Lessons from PUSO2019 - (08/07/2015)


Votes were 14-7 for China. I guess its a lesson learned… sa Pinoy lang uubra ang HUGOT lines about “puso”, a country in love with basketball, etc. To non-Pinoys or outsiders of PH, hugot is lame. In the real world, its all about hard numbers. FIBA is all business. Practical trumps romantic. You wanna be nostalgic and senti, go bid for world paralympics, that’s puso in every sense of the word. Not FIBA, where featured players are worth a gazillion US dollars… and you’re gonna let them play in a city where average time spent in traffic daily is longer than a double over-time ballgame? Are you insane?

On that world stage of competition, they do not fuss about an Alapag or Pingris playing injurd against men double their size and prevailing. Its not so much about puso, its simply their effin’ job to step up and get things done for the team.

So maybe next time we skip the paawa feels and just compete straightforwardly, based on our real strengths (did anyone care to notice how the China delegates studied PH’s weaknesses and juxtaposed them to their superior strengths–trains, no traffic, history of hosted world events?). Maybe we develop our campaign based on the following:

1. Mga walang kupas na tourism spots that players can frolic around after a hard-fought ballgame. We can have the games played at several different locations, so they could get to travel around the country while doing the round-robin thing… nuff said.

2. Fans, of course, the never-say-die Pinoy fans of basketball. But lets push the campaign further, where no one else dares to take it: beautiful PINAY basketball fans. After all, this event is from and all about brawny, muscular male giants. You want to tug at their heartstrings, bring out our women with their warm charming smiles, ewan ko na lang kung di lumambot ang dapat lumambot sa kanila. And before anyone screams “sexist” at me, please wake yourself up from your lifelong stupor because sex sells, panahon pa ni Eba’t Adan. I’m sure ads people from DOT can find a way to make it look seductive but classy and hot for all spectators including women themselves.

3. What the basketball community worldwide can gain from the Philippines as host — dibs on the strongest emerging economy in recent years! Bragging rights that FIBA took notice of the diamond on a ruff, the rising tiger of Asia… position FIBA as avante-garde sports advocate, that they were in PH first before it breaks out ibto a monster economy 10 or 20 years from now… been there done that sorta thing… Just like those thousands of foreign investors who took that leap of faith in our struggling economy and have found themselves a gold mine of natural resources, beautiful places, outstanding filipino employees who are both hard workers and party-goers. Basta, anything that would make them realize they have as much to gain in choosing pinas, not just because they feel sorry for our bunch.

4. Food. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and i would think this is particularly true for sports people and male athletes. Frame it in such a way that we don’t mind (or we endure) traffic or getting our daily dose of near death experiences riding the MRT, because when we get home (or to other destination), there would be fantastic bountiful meal waiting for us: Our Filipino foods are, TO DIE FOR, literally. Hence, the rising obesity– we can skip that part tho’.

5. I like Lou Diamond Phillips’ pitch about PH having both the passion for the game and the social media power to make this event really succeed and explode. But he failed to highlight one important thing about us. Unlike our competitor/rival bidder, PH is a fluent English speaking country. You want world buzz on the basketball world Cup, you need us to spread the word in all kinds of media, traditional and digital. PH is the only Asian country that can deliver that.

6. Work ethics of Filipino athletes. Play that long list of world class Filipino athletes we’ve produced, despite our limited resources. Hardship is the breeding ground for champions, and FIBA can capitalize on that (or such other palatable crap we can concoct), by holding the event here. Nike, Adidas, Gatorade and other sports brands will lap that crap up, I’m sure of it. That’s where our romantic sob-story junkies can be of great use.

Everybody wins if the FIBA World Cup is in PH, see?

So there, let’s go back to the drawing boards and start working on that sales pitch for FIBA 2024. Still interested?

Watch it here:
Philippines FIBA 2019 Hosting Bid Presentation

PNoy’s Huling El SONA

I was not able to watch it but to my mind, being that it was his last SONA, Pnoy needed to have one unifying theme for his speech. And the one obvious recurring theme and one common thread he can easily interweave those 5 years with was his continued tirade against his predecessor.

Mejo nakakasuya nga naman, but on the other hand, that was what he got elected for. That was his tagline, his battlecry, and he is making good on that promise: to bring to justice those who have wronged the Filipino people.

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PH government still at a loss on how to spend its budget - (07/20/2015)

Random thought on this Rappler artik while stuck in traffic:

Greece’s economy has been held hostage by its sovereign debt which is about 177% of its GDP leaving the Greek govt in total disarray. Meanwhile, PH is sitting pretty at the other end of the spectrum: credit upgrades left and right, and awash with cash. Yet the govt is having difficulty spending — underutilizing its budget 470% more than last year. You might think its a good kind of problem, but IMHO, to some degree PH and Greece are two sides of the same coin (excuse the pun), the coin that is fiscal mismanagement.  Just as being lubog sa utang is abominable, underutilization of available funds is also poor math and undesireable. And our economy is paying dearly for it, as reflected by the disappointing 2Q15 GDP and foreign money outflows the past several months.

Now zoom in to the microeconomy, and we see individual Pinoys experiencing budget deficit, and who could barely make it to the next pay day.

Citisec Technical Analysis seminar Day 2: part 1 - (03/26/2012)

For the second day of the Citisec free seminar on Technical Analysis, the lecture was focused on the three basic and more popular technical indicators: (1) moving averages (MA), (2) Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the (3) relative strength index (RSI). I originally planned to split the videos according to the major topics of the course outline but I don’t have the time to do that now, so I just uploaded everything as I have recorded them. Anyway, just watch the videos in their numbered order for continuity and chronology.

Download here: Day 2 Handout

Day 2 TA – Part 1

Watch the video:

Good Leaders Make Good Business - (10/08/2011)

Are leaders honed or made? This has been a longstanding question among business and political circles, and yet we never seem to have found a definitive answer.  In this article, we will try to get a glimpse on what role our elected or appointed leaders play in an organization’s success and future prospects.

In world history, we have learned about leaders who have made a difference and left a major imprint on mankind.  From Julius Caesar to Napoleon Bonaparte to Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler, we have learned different kinds of leadership that have molded nations or groups to their victory or eventual downfall.  One thing is common amongst all of them – they know what they want and nothing deterred them from achieving their goal.

Some say that true leaders are born.  It is a common belief that there are only 2 types of people – followers and leaders.  If that is the case, can leaders be actually honed or developed?  Or are we already pre-programmed from the start and no effort can give us leadership skills?

One thing is certain about us human beings –  there is no limit to what we can accomplish as long as we want it and we put our heart and effort into it.  Many of us have actually been pushed into a leadership position one way or the other.  And our biggest fear has always been not being good enough to lead or guide followers into achieving the goal that has been established for the group.

What does it take to be a good leader?  The first thing that you need to remember is that leaders need not be intelligent or skillful.  A working knowledge of what the work entails will be sufficient.  However, a leader has the ability to organize a group of people into one cohesive unit.  The first thing a leader has to earn to be effective is the respect of every member of the group.  Without respect, it is near impossible to direct members to undertake tasks that will contribute to achieving your goal.  Without respect, members will not have the drive or the faith that will propel your team to success.  And to gain respect, it is also important to respect the members of the team.

Along with respect, it is important to recognize the role that you will need to assign to each member of the group that will facilitate in a cohesive effort to meet success.  Try to know each member of the team and listen well.  One thing that aspiring leaders have trouble acquiring is the art of listening.  Most are too arrogant to understand that true leaders are open to learning from their subordinates just as much as teaching them.

A good leader not only has faith in his or her capabilities, but likewise builds self-confidence in every subordinate.  Nothing inspires creativity and diligence than believing in oneself.  It is also important to foster cooperation rather than competition.  Ensure that each team member’s role is defined and recognized.  There should be no question that the endeavor is to work towards a common goal rather than an opportunity for each member to showcase individual talent.

After all is said and done, remember that leadership cannot be confined to box with specific standards or requirements.  Leadership encompasses more than responsibility, respectability, discipline, and hard work.  It likewise entails humility, empathy, flexibility, and the motivation to bring out the best in a group of people and go beyond what the team is expected to accomplish.

Finding Sustainability and Success in Business - (09/13/2011)

Business:  Finding Self-Sustenance and Profitability

For most of us, the ultimate dream is being able to establish a business operation that will provide financial independence and the potential to expand and grow.  Every businessman has a different reason for creating a business enterprise.  For most, the primary goal is financial gain.  But beyond financial gains, there are those who have nobler intentions – a legacy that will make a difference in the world.  But before we dream of becoming the next Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, let’s keep our feet on the ground and understand the basics.

Successfully establishing a business enterprise is actually easier said than done.  The truth is, not all aspiring businessmen reach their goals.  Establishing a business requires not only sufficient working capital, but also skill and discipline.  Many even fail at the onset with a business idea, product, or service that is not feasible.  Thus, the very first step in setting up a viable business is to determine a product or service that people actually need.  Is there a market for your product or service?  Aside from finding the right product, it should also be something that you have a good knowledge of.  The most successful businesses not only started with a product that they are familiar with, but it is also something close to their heart.  The first test of a viable product or service is that you are willing to use it again and again for yourself and your family.

When you have a possible product or service for a market, the next thing to understand is the environment.  How is competition?  What other similar product or service is already out there and how is it doing?  Segregate those that are thriving from those that are failing and determine the factors driving them to success or failure.  Will your product be able to compete with them?  What can it offer that would make the market prefer yours over others?  This stage of product development would need you to make sure that your product has a way of standing out or at least stand apart to ensure that the market will try to discover its merits.

Once you have determined the product or service you want to bring to your market, it is essential to find the right people to assist you.  Those who will work with you on your business can either be a partner or an employee.  Regardless of the position you are willing to offer, these should be people that you trust and believe.  At the same time, it is important that people working with you have the same faith in your venture.  Business success entails a group of people believing and working together to achieve a common goal.

On your journey to making the business viable and profitable, remember that challenges will come in every direction.  The early stages will be critical to the survival of any business.  While testing the waters, it is important to have contingency plans, especially in terms of financial resource.  Make sure that you allocate financial resources efficiently and be prepared for problems that may crop up along the way.

Finally, remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.  What you learn along the way will help sustain you in your future operations.  Learn as much as you can and work prospectively rather than retroactively.  Everything is easier to manage when you are prepared and aware of the limitations and possibilities.

How To Earn Money From Blogging (Part 1) - (08/31/2011)

If you are still in quandary or in total oblivion as to how one can earn money by blogging, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we will teach you not just the basic but also the “secret” tips, tricks and techniques on how to have a successful blogging career or business venture. So having said that, let’s cut to the chase and learn about — Making money with your blog There are millions of bloggers out there who are earning some money from blogging. But probably only a few are earning TONS of money with blogging. So, what gives? There are a thousand and one ways on boosting your blogging earnings but almost all successful bloggers and internet marketers would be unanimous in declaring that it all really depends on your traffic. But how do you increase traffic would be another topic worth delving into later on. I suppose to make things easier and simpler to understand, we have to dichotomize between indirect method of earning money by blogging, as opposed to direct methods of making money by blogging. There is no formal or dictionary-definition to this demarcation that I’ve made, but I am just trying to simplify our discussion especially for the benefit of the blogging newbies. For now let’s discuss the direct methods of making money from blogging. 1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Networks If you want to know PPC, then you have got to know Google’s advertising arm – Google Adsense. But please know that there are other less-popular PPC alternatives out there, like Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN), Bidvertiser, Chitika, Clicksor, etc. We will tell you more about PPC in the coming posts, but for our purposes, it is sufficient to understand that at present, Google is the most dominating force when it comes to PPC. 2. Cost-Per-Mille (cost per 1,000 impressions) Advertising Networks CPM advertising networks is similar to PPC but payment or earnings depend upon the number of impressions or page views which the ads displayed generate. Obviously, your earnings will be huge if your blog is popular but if you are on the other end of the spectrum then you will have a hard time earning from CPM ad networks. Imagine, to earn $1 per day, your blog must have 1,000 impressions, and in a month that’s like 31,000 page views for a meager $31. At present the most popular CPM advertising networks are the Casale Media, Value Click, Tribal Fusion, Burst Media, Right Media, Advertising.com, etc.

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